Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Teaching children to help around the house - Setting the table properly

When we decided to home-school our kids for the elementary stage, we knew that all the responsibility of teaching them everything they need to know until they reach first grade was on us, but our plan wasn't to teach our kids just information, we wanted them to learn good working ethics, to solve problems by doing things, by working hands on and of course have fun while doing it. 

So I started with a small task that proved to be very useful specially when I am onto a million things and dinner is on the stove and the recipe says that you have to keep stirring or else it will stick to the bottom... you know what I mean?

Anyway, this task is "How to serve the table properly". By properly, I don't mean the royal way... I just mean properly for a family dinner. We try to teach our children Kindness and Politeness over Etiquette and Politics, just because being kind has opened way more doors for us than being "politically correct" a kind person can recognize their mistakes and apologize easily, a kind person cares for others, they might not know where the fish fork goes, but they always try to be appreciative for other people's hard work and kind people are helpful whenever and wherever they see a need and this is what we want our children to be, kind people.

I came up with this little design of a place mat. I printed and laminated it. At the beginning I was planning on printing lots of them and use them as the actual place mats but, I am not one that likes to waste... so yeah, I just made one and they use it as their model.

My boys use this print as a guide to set the table and it has been working great for them. I hope you and your little ones find this useful.

Hope to come back soon with more fun ideas to teach children to help around the house.

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